Tech Specs

FlashGuard is flashing designed by installers. Guards against roof leaks!

FlashGuard not only incorporates the principle of water prevention but also manages water once wicking does occur. The channeled flashing and anti-siphoning slots ensure water does not penetrate the home’s water barrier. An offset in the Base Plate accommodates the height difference in the shingle layers which, with other flashing systems causes the L Foot and rail to twist on the roof.

  • No Pre-drilling
  • Flashing sloped 1° to keep rails level to the roof
  • Adjustable L-Foot
  • Fast installation
  • Low angle approach minimizes shingle lifting
FlashGuard kits include:
  • Flashing 9 × 12"
  • Baseplate
  • L-Foot
  • RSS Screws
  • M8 Hex head flange bolt
Tools Required for FlashGuard:
  • Tape measure
  • #30 Torx Bit
  • 13mm (½”) socket for Impact
  • Caulking Gun
  • Sealant – compatible with roofing material
  • Chalk/Marking Crayon
  • Roofing Bar/Shingle Lifting tool
  • Impact Driver

Self Drilling screw design eliminates the need for pre-drilling and provides a strong connection.

Flashing shape manages water and ensure the base plate nests securely against the flashing.

A 1 degree slope on the upper tier of the base plate deals with the uneven shingle layers, it keeps rails & L feet square to the roof, prevents twisting. Anti-siphoning slots on the bottom side of the base plate help manage water.

L Foot has 1 ½” vertical adjustment to help deal with uneven roof surfaces.